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Podcast Announcement! Casting Call!

When APMA started, our vision strived to become a “brand.” But what did that mean? I had no clue. Eventually, through talks with others—Chaneen and Kevin, mostly—I came upon the decision that APMA was going to “brand” ourselves through every online platform I could: website, Youtube channel, podcast, Twitter, blog, Facebook, the whole digital nine yards.

Plans were in the works for a podcast. When I get excited about a project I tend to jump right into the deep end of the pool. Why not? Who needs outlining or preparation? Hell, the ideas will come to me as we go along…

Then Covid-19 hit the world—doing me a personal favor because, quite honestly, I had absolutely ZERO clue as to the structure of the podcast. Looking back, if I would have jumped into the deep end, I would have drowned.

Dear Covid-19,

I hate you for everything you’ve done and the lives that you’ve taken. But thanks for buying me time.

Insincerely yours,


One day, about two months ago, I was in the shower—where everyone gets their brilliant ideas, right?—and it all came to me. I was swimming in the deep end with water wings on. Now, I must pause and say: None of these ideas are unique. But, at the time, conflating these “already-been-done-before” ideas got me so excited that leaned out of the shower, wiped the shampoo from my hands, and typed them into my phone. Here’s what I wrote:

Podcast should be short-form. Something people could start and finish during a commute to work. 12-15 minutes? Something like that.

Podcast will be in seasons, like a TV show.

Each season will be a completely different experience. The structure will completely change. Short form. Long form. vignette of stories. Interview. Round-table discussions. Etc. (akin to True Detective or American Horror Story. Every season is a completely new setting, story, etc.) Pick up more shampoo when at the store.

I am excited to announce that APMA is putting content together for season one: ORIGINS.

What is your gaming origin story? ORIGINS is a vignette of stories told by whosoever will. Each episode contains a couple of origin narratives—with my voice as the yarn, tying things together, wrapping things up. It’s not an ideal structure, but it’s something new, something fresh. Hell, if nothing else, it’ll be short. What could go wrong?


If you’re interested in submitting your origin story to season one: ORIGINS, check the requisites below:

1. Submissions should be in audio format, with you narrating your story.

2. Submissions should be around 5 minutes in duration (this is a ballpark time frame. being Above and Below—pun intended—won’t eliminate your submission).

3. Submission should be of decent audio quality—no screaming kids in the background, dogs barking, etc.

4. Submissions will allow for personal promotion. Yes, you’ll be able to plug your website, Youtube channel, whatever.

5. Email me at and state your interest. I will email all interested parties a guideline template—ideas to help get started and promote a cohesive narrative; this is, as stated, only a guideline for those that choose to use it.

Well kiddos, that’s it.

*takes a deep breath*

I’ve put out the call to arms. Will you answer the call? Whether season one happens or not depends on how much content I get. If this sounds like something you’d be mildly interested in doing, I highly recommend you get a hold of me. Let’s make this thing happen!

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!


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